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The Future is Now - Constellation of CubeSats for IoT - MAM 2021


The Future is Now - Constellation of CubeSats for IoT - MAM 2021

IMT took part in the event  Mediterranean Aerospace Matching – MAM 2021 at the Grottaglie Airport. Thanks to DTA – Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale Pugliese we had the opportunity to present the “Constellation of CubeSats for IoT” Workshop.

The satellite IoT market shows high profits with strong growth prospects over the next years, the IoT and Sat-IoT connectivity market has not declined and its predictions are still strong.

Thanks to the growing variety of Sat-IoT connectivity, it is assumed that a global proliferation of the sector will affect 90% of the World. This will have the same effect as the broadband Internet and cell phones that brought the "Connected Society" with them, moving from the Internet of People to the Internet of Things.

Over the next 5 years, the IoT will bring the equivalent of a New Industrial Revolution and with it a new revolution in satellite communications.

IMT is ready for this challenging business adventure.
Our project is to offer a very competitive solution with low budget requirements, in this way IMT wants to give the opportunity to use satellite connectivity to a lot of people.


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