Internet of things

The satellite industry is changing rapidly. Satellite technology is playing an important role in driving the growth momentum behind the Internet of Things.
Global IoT connectivity is something that only satellites can offer.

The IMT Sat-IoT Solution is designed for data acquisition from a massive number of terminals on ground. IMT Srl wants to fill the gap present in the current systems of the NewSpace IoT.

The LoRa standard will be used for terrestrial and satellite communications (downlink) while LoRa-E for uplink satellite communications, in order to make the system compatible with both the terrestrial and satellite networks. Our solution will also be able to offer bi-directional connection (Satellite-Sensor). The new sensors will have a dedicated front end capable of working both on the SRD/ISM frequencies and on the satellite bands (L or S).

Thanks to this peculiarity, the system can integrate both with an existing terrestrial network and with the satellite network. A CubeSat 6U constellation can offer global coverage.

We are able to satisfy specific needs:

  • Maritime
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Energy
  • Natural Disaster Management
  • Many other markets

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