Cubesat 3U Platform

Our platform meets a wide range of mission typologies:
Science, Earth observation, Technology demonstration.


Thanks to the IMT know how the mechanical and electrical architecture can support a very wide range of LEO orbit altitudes and inclinations. Redundant Architecture and Radiation Mitigation by Design can increase the Satellite Life-Time up to 5 years.

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Dimensions CubeSat 3U compliant
Mass < 6 Kg
Attitude Mode Detumbling / Sun Pointing / Nadir Pointing
Solar Panels AzurSpace 3J Solar Cells (GaInP/GaAs/Ge) 30% + CoverGlass 100 CMX*
Average Power: 4W (body mounted configuration)
*Also available with Monocrystalline Si Cells
Battery Pack 43 Wh Li-ion
Available configurations: 4S / 2S2P / 4P
Payload Allowance 1.5U / 3 W
Power BUS Reg. 3.3V (±1%) Max. 5A (latch-up protected)
Reg. 5.0V (±1%) Max. 5A (latch-up protected) Unregulated
Adapter ISIPOD
Attitude Stabilization 3 axis stabilization
Attitude knowledge accuracy
Attitude control accuracy 10°
OS Real Time OS - FreeRTOS
Communications Mod. J/B
Uplink VHF (1200 bps AFSK) / Downlink UHF (9600 bps GMSK)
Uplink UHF (1200 bps AFSK) / Downlink VHF (1200 bps AFSK)
AX.25 Protocol (Available Custom Protocol)
Transmission Power: Max. 2W
Beacon: UHF (20 WPM @ 500 mW
Transmission Power: Max. 2W
Radiation > 15 lRad (Si)
SEU mitigation by design / SEL protection
Random Vibration 10 Grms (all axis)
Data Storage 64 MB for housekeeping data)
8 GB for payload data
Life Time < 5 years

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