C-Band Transponder

CubeSats are becoming extremely popular platforms with which to perform space missions.


The IMT C-BAND Transponder is compliant with CubeSat spacecrafts and gives a new frequency band for nanosatellite communication (both TT&C and Payload data).

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Design Lifetime 3 years
Frequency Bands (Uplink) 5091 MHz -5150 MHz
Frequency Bands (Downlink) 4500 MHz - 4800 MHz
Volume < 0,4U
Dimensions 90 x 96 x 40 mm
Mass 400 g
Form Factor CubeSat compliant
TCXO Output Frequency 40 MHz / 0V-3.3V
TCXO Stability ± 20 ppm
TCXO Output Connector RADIALL SMPM R201.423.110
Data and Power Connector SAMTEC SEAF-20-06-0-S-04-1-A-K
Power supply +5V @ 2.0A max
-5V @ 0.1A
Power Consumption RX: 3.5W
RX & TX: 10W @ 1W Output Power
Operative Temperature -20°C + 60°C

Receiver performances

Carrier Tracking Signal Range -65 dBm to -115 dBm
3dB Bandwidth ≥500 KHz
Noise Figure 3 dB
RF Output Connector (to DIGITAL) RADIALL SMPM R201.423.110
RF Output Frequency (to DIGITAL) 390 MHz
RF Output Level (to DIGITAL) -5 dBm to 0 dBm

Transmitter performances

Output power 1W @ antenna port
3dB Bandwidth 18 MHz
RF Input Connector (from DIGITAL) RADIALL SMPM R201.423.110
RF Input Frequency (from DIGITAL) 460 MHz
RF Input Level (from DIGITAL) -5 dBm to 0 dBm

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