Unsolicited application

You are welcome to send us an unsolicited application if you do not find an open position matching your profile and background.

Our database is an active tool when we hire for new positions.
To enhance your possibilities we encourage you to include the following information in your application which will enable us to better assess if and where there would be a match between you and IMT:

  • Why you would like to work with us and how you see a match between you and us
  • What role you see yourself fulfill. Please be as specific as possible
  • What you can offer in a job with us
  • Your educational and professional background and experiences
  • If residing outside Italy, please let us know your ideas about moving to Italy for work

We kindly draw your attention to the fact that we do not receive applications and resumes via e-mail or by personal appearance. This is to protect and show consideration for your personal information.
Your application will be considered on an ongoing basis and we will contact you directly should we find a match with a position within our organization.

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