Cubesat 6U Platform

The IMT 6U Platform is a flexible solution that meets the performance required for a wide range of applications.


Currently, a new Space Mission can be fully developed in few months, with low budget requirements. IMT uses COTS components to develop CubeSat Platforms, to go to the market with a very competitive solution.

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CubeSat Size 6U
Peak Power 10W – body mounted solar panels
50W – deployable solar panels
115W – using the IMT uSADA system
Battery Capacity 45Wh or 90Wh
Pointing Accuracy << 1° (up to 0.1°)
Data rates Up to 50 Mbps (considering X-Band communication)
Frequency X / C / S / UHF / VHF
Life Time 3 years in LEO orbit

Payload Performances

Available Payload Mass Up to 6Kg
Available Payload Volume Up to 4U
Available Payload Power Depending on orbit and mission profile
Payload Electrical I/F CAN bus, I2C (UART upon request)
Payload Voltage Bus 3.3V, 5V, 12V
Battery raw: unreg. 32V (24V-33.6V) or unreg. 16V (12V-16.8V)

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