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NADIR - Nanosatellite developed by IMT


NADIR - Nanosatellite developed by IMT

NADIR, the nanosatellite developed by IMT, has been conceived to be a low-cost and medium-high capabilities multifunctional platform. Its main features are:

  • Two fully separable modules:the BUS module and the P/L module
  • The Payload Module can be managed directly by the Customer up to the Integration and Testing phases. The final integration between BUS and P/L will be a IMT Task
  • Platform not strictly bounded to a single mission

Faster, Cheaper and Better. Faster development time due to the reduction of documentation and testing. In addition the Concurrent Engineering approach is used. Cheaper by using COTS hardware and software to the maximum extent possible and due to the reduction of manpower cost by adopting suitable minimized procedures for design, development, manufacturing and testing. Better due to the appropriate assessment and reduction of Risk.

The  first  mission  proposed  for  NADIR  concerns  environmental  monitoring,  more  specifically  the  remote  gathering  of  data  collected  by  remote  terminals,  either  land  or  marine-based,  for  the  monitoring  of  environmental  parameters.  The  mission  aims  at  demonstrating    the    remote  control  of  both  the  nanosatellite  operative  configuration and of  the remote terminals designed for data collection. In brief, the mission aims to pursue the following objectives:

  • to  show  that  NADIR  can  solve  some  problems  related  to  the  environmental  monitoring.  regarding  especially  areas  of  important  tourist-environmental   value,   or   high   risk,   and   generally   of   difficulty   and/or   expensive   accessibility and maintainability
  • activation of regional establishments, although initially on small scale, related to the realization of smart centers to carry out data collection and transmission via radio
The characteristics of NADIR are as follows:
  • Modular configuration (each module 300x300x150 mm)
  • 15 Kg Satellite BUS
  • 10 Kg Custom Payload Accommodation Capability
  • 15 W (EOL) Custom Payload Power Allowance
  • Enhanced Solar Array with Motorized Deployment Mechanism
  • Use of Commercial and Mil-Standard Components
  • Radiation Hardening Assessment
  • 3-years minimum Design Lifetime



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