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Packaged Integrated photonics-based RF/Optical hybrid Transceiver key-elements for Sensing and communication (PIOTS) - SSSA-INPHOTEC/IMT as SUBCO

PIOTS stems from recent state of the art achievements in photonics integration and advanced packaging solutions at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA-INPHOTEC) with its existing skills and facilities, aiming at the development of an innovative space-compliant packaged integrated photonics-based RF/optical hybrid transceiver for sensing and communication.

  • The initial TRL is 5 using discrete components and 4 using photonic integration
  • The final TRL will be 7

It is part of GSTP 6 Element 2, AO7935.

Kick-off meeting – end of Jan 2019

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