IMT Educational Web Site

IMT Educational Web site

Thanks to the IMT Educational Web site, a student can follow the lessons in streaming video. The program is divided in 3 Modules, the first one being an introduction to the Laboratory Lessons. 

You can find Astrodynamics, Fundamental theories of Physics, History of SpaceFlight; also an introduction to the major freeware software (Orbitron, Celestia, etc.) is provided.Each lesson is available in streaming video, audio, presentation and interactive add-ons or quizzes. The second module regards the DTS subsystems: OBDH, ACS, EPS, COMMS. Each subsystem is explained by a user manual and provided with technical project data and firmware (if needed).The students will have the chance to go deep into every topic, and realize their own subsystem with the same mechanical and electrical interfaces. The last module concerns the DTS Integration. The interconnection between different subsystems and all the laboratory exercises are explained by technical reports. Currently, 50 Italian High School Students use the Satellite Educational Demonstrator with a high learning proficiency of the students. IMT's Educational web site can be reached by this link: