Cubesat Platform


The IMT Cubesat 3U Platform meets a wide range of mission typologies: Science, Earth Observation, Technology Demonstration. 

Thanks to electronics miniaturization and MEMS components, currently a nanosatellite might carry out missions that, Spacecraft miniaturization involves size, mass, cost and development schedule.

Currently, a new mission can be fully developed in two years’ time, with low budget requirements. Thanks to the IMT know how (over 20 years in the space activity) the mechanical and electrical architecture can support a very wide range of LEO orbit altitudes and inclinations.

Redundant Architecture and Radiation Mitigation by Design can increase the Satellite Life-Time up to 3 years.


Physical Characteristics


Cubesat 3U compliantAttitude Stabilization 3 axis stabilization
Mass < 6 KgAttitude knowledge accuracy
Attitude ModeDetumbling / Sun Pointing / Nadir Pointing Attitude control accuracy 10°
Solar PanelsAzurSpace 3J Solar Cells (GaInP/GaAs/Ge) 30% + CoverGlass 100 CMX*
Average Power: 4W (body mounted configuration)
*Also available with Monocrystalline Si Cells
OS Real Time OS - FreeRTOS
Data BUS I2C / CAN / SPI / UART CommunicationsMod. J/B
Uplink VHF (1200 bps AFSK) / Downlink UHF (9600 bps GMSK)
Uplink UHF (1200 bps AFSK) / Downlink VHF (1200 bps AFSK)
AX.25 Protocol (Available Custom Protocol) Transmission Power: Max. 2W
Beacon: UHF (20 WPM @ 500 mW)
Battery Pack43 Wh Li-ion 
Available configurations: 4S / 2S2P / 4P
Radiation> 15 lRad (Si)
SEU mitigation by design / SEL protection
Payload Allowance1.5U / 3 WRandom Vibration10 Grms (all axis)
Power BUSReg. 3.3V (±1%) Max. 5A (latch-up protected)
Reg. 5.0V (±1%) Max. 5A (latch-up protected) Unregulated
Data Storage64 MB for housekeeping data
8 GB for payload data
AdapterISIPODLife Time< 3 years

Cubesat 3U


Cubesat 3U


Trolley Case

IMT Platforms

Micro/nano/pico-satellites, weighing less than 50 Kg, have become important tools for space utilization, as they have the strong merits of low-cost and quick development, which may encourage new user to exploit new ways of space utilization.
Applications for nano/microsatellites are diversified, with increased forecast for Earth observation and remote sensing missions. The IMT Platforms cover the mass range from 3 (CUBESAT 3U) to 30 Kg (NADIR).


  • Technology demonstration mission

  • Science mission:
    • Atmospheric science
    • Earth science
    • Biological experiments

  • Earth Observation mission

  • Telecommunications:
    • Advance modulation techniques
    • Advance cryptography systems
    • Innovative protocols
    • Innovative antennas
    • AIS / ADS-B tracking